Hey There!

Be careful.. The Earth might go Hulk on us.. Advertisements


Also known as desire, want, wish and attraction. Who are you falling prey to?


We can never be.


Our best quality.

Vote For No One But For Yourself..

95 times out of a 100, if the matter is concerning you, YOU are right..


Everybody knows it but nobody does..


They know best 😉

Every Thing Is A Resource

It’s just a matter of how one uses it..

Craving For Money

Has no cure expect more money.. It’s the deadliest addiction and I don’t see anybody protesting that!?

Thers Is Nothing

We can do about anything.


Piling Up.




The hottest trend







Synonym Of ‘Living’

Mindless Chanel Surfing.

Breaking News Guys!!

Illogical is now the ‘new logical’. Re-tune yourselves 😀

I Am Not Arguing

I am just trying to reason. Lately, things have started to look a lot illogical..

Is This How We Classify Each Other?

OK, so we accept that we can’t go about our entire lives without doing anything stupid. That means we are judging each other on the basis of the degree of the stupidities we… Continue reading

I Got One For You!

How long can you go about without doing anything stupid?

If It Ain’t About Doing Stupid Things..

Wouldn’t it be boring?

A Simple And Intuitive Front End

Requires a calculative and complicated Back End. (Applicable in everything)

If Everybody Were Honest

Then everybody would realize how crappy everybody really is!

Fully Developed:

Sophisticated, armed and ready to kill..


It is imperative that everything has a “See and Click” feature in it. I don’t know about war and hunger existing in the future, but laziness? Yeah.. it would be the key of… Continue reading

Either Way Is Fine I Guess

Control your life only if you are really good at it otherwise let IT show YOU.

Purpose Of Life

Live it..


Rely on yourself..


Everything is inconvenient by default.

No Inconvenience

No loss.

When In Need?

Don’t go to anyone. It’s of no use.

Greater The Magnitude More The Need

Everything today is prioritized based on the magnitude of convenience/inconvenience caused.

People Are Strange..

Don’t you think everybody around you is strange? Well, so do they and YOU are one of those around them 🙂

Customer Service

A self destruct feature that most corporates use.

We Make Everything Dense

Then we try to keep it simple. Nuts, ain’t it??  


Apparently, not cool anymore.

We Are Such Egotistical Bastards!!

We want to publicize our stuff merrily. When someone else publicizes their stuff it’s spam. Wow! How testicular?  

Human Tendency

If it’s threatening, better put it down.

When Something Doesn’t Makes Sense We Criticize

We never stop to think that it just possibly could be way above our intellectual level. That can never happen right?